Summary: CSR needs consulting from a manager’s point of view!

summary phases of a csr strategy by Beate Röcker (Roecker)

My offering for your company’s strategic
CSR positioning:

  • Analysis of your company’s vision, mission, and values / core beliefs
  • Portfolio analysis through a manager’s point of view
  • Stakeholder analysis (i.e. your employees and customers)
  • Stakeholders‘ expectations written down in a materiality matrix
  • Identification of areas for your CSR strategy
  • Development of KPI for your CSR fields of action
  • Support of your executives in individual coaching or seminars on personnel management, employee appraisals, and target agreements in order to position yourself as a good employer.
  • Support in communicating your CSR strategy in and outside your company.

And – last but not least – I will write your sustainability report either according to the standards of Global Reporting Initiative GRI or to the German Sustainability Code DNK. My own German sustainability report is published here: DNK_2022_CSR-CSR.

If you want to document your CSR activities to others why not let me undertake an audit according to the non sector-specific IASA Certified Sustainability Standards of the International Association for Sustainable Aviation.

References see

Summary Beate Röcker (Roecker) is trainer for the German Sustainability Code   Summary: The Sustainabiliy Code Report for 2022 was published in March 2023
IAA-Siegel   Sustainability Now

Summary of my experience:

CSR Manager, Head of Department, Portfolio Manager, Quality & Risk Manager

35 years experience in consulting and projects in:

  • IT and Telcos
  • Finance
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Authorities
  • Manufacturing Industry

15 years in middle management in international corporations with profit & loss responsibility

respectively 5 years of experience in general consulting, risk management, portfolio management, and quality assurance

Invitation to the New Year Reception of German President Dr. Horst Köhler because of honorary activities, 2009

Experience-IT-Scout of the year (i.e. STEM), 2014

CSR Manager (CCI Osnabrueck, Germany)
CSR Auditor (IASA)
Certified The SUSTAINABILITY Code Trainer

LCCI English for Business and Commerce (CCI London, UK)

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